Eurydice  is the interpretation of the myth of  Orpheus & Eurydice  as presented by modern dance company isadoraNOW. Artistic Director: Elyssa Dru Rosenberg. Associate Artistic Director: Raleigh Veach. New York City, 2012. 
 This production of  Sizwe Banzi Is Dead  by Athol Fugard was performed for the Fugard Festival at Ohio University and directed by Michael Ofori. The play is set in 1970’s apartheid South Africa and was completely pulled from stock as this show was done on a tight budget. Turning the lead actress into the male Sizwe Banzi and working with a limited selection of 1970’s clothing were the main challenges of this production. Photo by Daniel Rader. 2015
Rom.Dot.Com Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"
  Glengarry Glen Ross  suit research for a conceptual project at California State University, Long Beach. A play by David Mamet that covers two days in the lives of real estate agents in Chicago in 1983 desperate to make deals. 2016